v0.3.2b (2012-05-21)

  • replaced mutable default argument list() in ListBlob with the proper idiom

v0.3.1b (2012-05-10)

  • fixed ImportError during installation

v0.3.0b (2012-05-07)

  • added api_type=’json’ to all POST data
  • now returns a (json) dict instead of requests.Response object.
  • all POST methods that originally returned a requests.Response object now return something different. See the docs for more details.
  • Listing.next_listing() now works with comment listings
  • fixed Reddit.submit_link() and Reddit.submit_text()
  • fixed Reddit.distinguish()
  • fixed Reddit.flairlist() and Reddit.flair()
  • added Reddit.by_id()
  • added Subreddit.flairlist(), Subreddit.flair(), and Subreddit.flaircsv()
  • changed PostError.errors to return error list exactly as returned by reddit
  • renamed relative_url to reddit_url and made it work nicely with absolute URLs
  • added Link.refresh() and Message.refresh()
  • removed Reddit.hide_message() and Reddit.unhide_message()
  • added limit kwarg to Reddit.moderators() and Reddit.contributors()
  • added types 6=link, 7=message to work with local reddit instance
  • added extensive test coverage for the reddit module
  • fixed several doc errors

v0.2.6a (2012-04-28)

  • added Reddit.user_overview()
  • attempting to “load more comments” via Listing.more() or .next_listing() now raises UnsupportedError()

v0.2.5a (2012-04-24)

  • added limit parameter to
  • changed Reddit._subreddit_get() parameter order and removed default values
  • fixed default value for items in ListBlob to be list() instead of []
  • added list methods to ListBlob
  • fixed Thing.__unicode__() to always return a string (u’’ instead of None)
  • added utf-8 coding declaration to source files
  • more tests

v0.2.4a (2012-04-23)

  • automatically un-html-escape unicode chars
  • fixed ValueError due to zero length fields when string formatting in older versions of Python (thanks staticsafe)

v0.2.3a (2012-04-21)

  • hotfix: default Reddit._username to None

v0.2.2a (2012-04-20)

  • hotfix: /api/delete -> /api/del

v0.2.1a (2012-04-20)

  • fixed Listing.has_more()
  • made util functions more robust
  • moved saving of username until successful login
  • moved decorators outside of Reddit class for easier testing
  • added some tests

v0.2.0a (2012-04-18)

  • added Reddit.edit() and Commentable.edit()
  • added Reddit.distinguish() and Commentable.distinguish()
  • refactored .comments(), .remove(), and .delete() into Commentable
  • refactored .hide() and .unhide() into Hideable (subclassed by Link, Message)
  • refactored .report() into Reportable (subclassed by Link, Comment, Message)
  • changed Comment.permalink to return relative path
  • added useful __repr__ for Reddit
  • removed debugging print statement from Reddit.comment
  • changed urljoin and relative_url to return unicode strings

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